Welcome to "dust", a hub for a bunch of mini cliques. This idea came to me when I stumbled onto cliquez4u. I remember joining a lot of these in its heydays and decided to create some to help revive the idea. All centralized on here.

A number of early 2000s web cliques were pretty elitist or strict, like its meaning. This place will not be run as so. Nowadays, no one really joins these things anymore either as social media continues to rise, so everyone is free to join!

You can join one or two or even all of them! The join form itself is not necessary to complete. All I ask is that you properly link back here so others can find cliques to join as well. But if you would like to be listed among like-minded folks, feel free to send that submission form my way.

Head onto the cliques page and join a few!


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